Hey, I’m Chuck. If you are a prospective employer, then I am a responsible, dedicated and hard-working individual with an endless amount of enthusiasm and an ability to thrive under pressure and a heavy workload. Please hire me. If you are a regular human being, then I like Harry Potter, dogs, and slush puppies when you get a little spoony bit at the bottom of the straw for scooping.

I made this blog to collate all of my works under one easily accessible umbrella, so it’ll be a mishmash of several things: serious writing, not-so-serious writing, doodles (usually about anxiety) and the occasional Lovecraftian summoning spell. Currently, I am a retail drone, but I’m looking to start a career in something creative (such as online writing or drawing), within the publishing industry, or in something pertaining to social media. I haven’t quite figured out my general life plan yet but one day we’ll all disintegrate into the void so who cares.